Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Overcast clouds

So often our Life seems to be covered by thick black clouds. Everytime we wait for that shining ray of light to peep through one of these dark clouds and add shine and hope to the gray dull life. The ray comes, bright n shiny. One ray can make the whole vast sky look cheerful and dancing with joy. Its almost life giving. Which heart won't melt looking at that view. But clouds can't take that. How can one single ray of light get so much attention and spread smiles when clouds are all around and much bigger and stronger.
Thick darkness covers the shining ray once again.

This hide & seek goes on throughout our lives. There are moments bright & shiny and then there are moments sad & dull. Behind every cloud is a ray of hope full of life. It's for us to stand strong and keep our head high to grab that moment of brightness forever in our hearts, to not miss that opportunity, to savour the joyful moments and to keep the hope. Clouds make us appreciate light.

This overcast will soon be over and the shiny rays will nurture this life. Hold on...

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  1. oh yes always sun rises always .. a day comes after a night ...

    good times come after bad times



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