Friday, September 7, 2012

Yun hee bethi thi mein... -Day 1 Blogging Marathon

Yun hee bethe thi mein
khawabon mein khoye hue

Khuli Khidki...
ik jhonke ne chehra sehlaya
saamne kee diwaar pe
dhoop chaawn kee lukka chuppi ne
baccpan kee yaadon ko jagaya

Daaliyan jhool rahi thin
phool muskurahat chupa rahe thay
udti hue titli ne
Yun pankh jhalkaye

Achanak yaadon kee boondein chalakne lagin
Yun hee bethi rahi mein
Bheegti hue unn yaadon mein
Tapakti boondon ko sehlati hue

This is Day 1 Post in the Blogging Marathon that I am part of for the month of December. For details chrck out the facebook.


  1. Reading something in Hindi and self composed at that is a very welcome change. Good Luck for the marathon :)

    1. Thanks Pallavi. I can somehow write poetry only in Hindi :) Tried many times in english - I felt I cant express well in english.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks TypeWriterMom :) BTW - i love that name... hehe

  3. :) sweet.. dhoop chau ki lukka chuppi... looknig forward to reading ur posts bharti..

    1. Thanks Swati. Good Luck to you too for the Marathon.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Monika. I am glad I am writing again ..thanks to your brilliant idea of the marathon.


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