Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We have it easy!!

Early morning annoyance it is today. Whenever the topic of household work comes up with someone back home in India - their first and prompt reaction is - "Oh but you have it easy there as you people have all facilities like dishwasher etc"

I cannot begin to explain how deeply it annoys me and drives me crazy. Does Having appliances means NO work? They are bloody appliances NOT robots who will go around doing things on their own. You still need to load the dishwasher. You still need to empty it. You still need to clean the dishwasher too every now and then to keep it working. You need to put the wash in the machine to wash clothes, take it out, hang it for drying, iron, fold and put them back. You still need to walk the whole house up and down with that vacuum cleaner. And then mop the floors. You still need to dust off the whole furniture and shelves and everything & don't forgets to clean the glass tables. You need to clean the windows - inside out. You need to clean the doors. You need to arrange cupboards. And did i forget to mention - you need to clean up the toilets and bathrooms - and that includes not just the floor but commode and tiles and taps and wash basin AND THERE ARE NO APPLIANCES FOR THAT WORK. And you need to work in your garden too (if you have one) And did i mention that in all this you still have to do - cooking, take care of child and work full time and do socializing. And Oh please keep your hobbies and interests going...!!

You can add or ignore "tiny" tasks - like cleaning fridge, cupboards, stairs, mending all your clothes, hand wash some clothes etc etc etc

Yes we have it very easy here as we have ALL facilities!!


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