Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The pumpkin exploded

It was the moment. The moment of pride. The whole family was waiting for it. The smiles were shared. Everyone had gathered. It was going to be a moment to remember forever. It was something everyone had been looking forward too. The family had money. The family had fame. The family had everything but education. It felt everyone came together just for this day.

And the list was being read. names called.

They waited. 

Their son's name was not there. He has not passed the exam - again
The pride of parents exploded like a pumpkin, covering everyone with shattered mess.

Day 2 : Drabble Week
Prompt : The Pumpkin Exploded

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  1. Oh no .. i can imagine my parents for this one , they would hold breadth to see if i passed and that was the only thing.. as MARKS and me Oh noo..
    pass was good enough ..



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