Friday, March 6, 2015


For few weeks now all the posts and books I am reading triggered a chain of thoughts in me. After reading, for hours I am lost in thoughts - in comparing, in analyzing, in contemplating, in assuming, in anticipating and what not. The topics have been totally unrelated. Yet I somehow find them all connected. I feel that the universe is conspiring to give me some message. Perhaps to shake me up to see things in reality, in perspective. How we deal with emotions. How we react to situations. How we pretend to offer ourselves completely yet secretly keep a part hidden somewhere deep inside. How we take things for granted. How we get possessive about everything. How we show ownership. How we conveniently forget what we don't want to see. How we sympathize. And how we empathize.
How we let ourselves to get tormented and be in pain. How we chain and imprison ourselves. How we believe we cannot forget anything. How we choose to understand others better than understanding ourselves. How easily we loose balance of mind and life.

And All this is merely a tiny part in the grand scheme of things.

We give in. We forget that forgetting also takes time. It can take years to get over something or someone. But I think it does get easier. No one said Life is going to be easy, but the more you understand yourself, the easier it will get. And then very soon, you'll look back, laugh, and wonder: "What was I thinking?!"

I believe this is exactly what the universe is sending me signals about.

Can we defeat anything to gain back the balance? Can we find our way out of self inflicted torment and prison? I Believe - Yes. It just needs time, patience and real determination to let it go - which is the toughest task but not impossible. Allowing time to pass. Don't most things loose flavor with time! So do relationships and so do memories.

Ann Lander said - “Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it."

People and situations are going to affect you in ways you could never imagine are even possible. No matter how right or wrong they are, holding on too tight to anything will only finish you gradually. LET - GO!

As someone said - Sometimes you have to Let go and be free!!

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