Monday, July 4, 2016

Pain pain go away

Pain pain go away
Whoever told you that you could stay
Ruining my life, creating my fears
Making me weak as I cry these tears
I never wanted you to live
In my body, I have so much to give
You lingering will make me lose
Life or relief, that's what I choose
You twist my vision, you make me cry
Wonder out of everyone, why
You settle in and make yourself at home
While I want to bolt out and roam
Pain pain go away
Don't come back and please don't stay
Cause ever since you've settled in my head
I have wished that I was dead.

Poem by Emma Chatonoir. THANKS!

Because some words sound too much like coming out of your own head.
Because some feelings you cannot put in words yourself.
Because some thoughts need someone else's way of letting them out.
Because not everyone is adequate and capable.

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