Thursday, April 20, 2017


We humans are so prone to letting everything affect us more than we can ask for. We let other people affect us too  deeply. We are afraid to move on. We get stuck. Sometimes we forget that there are way more pages in this book of life. We must flip over to next one. We cannot keep reading the same chapter over and over again and let is continue affecting us. Past cannot be changed or corrected. We need to let it be.

And Why do we feel sorry for things that bring us both happiness and sadness. Yes - it's possible!! Love!!! One of those! Well...!! Let it be. Sorry for feeling happy? Sorry for being loved? Or sorry for loving too much? Sorry for feeling sad for not accepting it? Whatever!!!

We are constantly wondering what is right and what is wrong. Analysing.
Stress, unhappiness, overthinking- they all kill us slowly. Me - for sure!!!!!

May be all we need is - for a while - don't think. Don't imagine. Don't wonder. Just Breathe.


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