Tuesday, June 6, 2017


“When it comes to my memory there are three categories: things I want to forget, things I can’t forget, and things I forgot I’d forgotten until I remember them.”

Excerpt From: Ahern, Cecelia. “The Marble Collector.” 

"Things we want to forget"
Are we able to forget things we really want to forget?
Are we able to forget things when we want to?
Doesn't it work opposite?
The more you want to forget something the more it haunts you. The more you want to lock things away in a corner the more they keep popping up in front of you. And in most instances - in the least expected situations, in the most unlikely moments and more often than not from people you would never expect it. It doesn't make it simpler that these are often the most painful things of life.

Ah - Universe and its mysteries!

"Things we can't forget"
Anything which involves deep emotional connect can't be wiped off. Never.

"Things I forgot I’d forgotten until I remember them"
These are usually the good things. Surprise?!? The good happy memories we want to savor every day. The things that keep us going. The things that bring hope. We keep shrugging these away and covering up with the sad ones but NO - we cannot forget them. Universe reminds us of them from time to time. The not-so-positive people like me always give highest attention to the sadness inflicting things. Yet i am reminded of the few happy ones. I can't forget those. I don't want to either.

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