Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dance Baby Dance

I just had the most beautiful and happy hour in a long time. Guess what...

Prisha and I danced together for an haur on DAler Mehndi Punjabi numbers, old hindi remix songs and some more. It has been such great fun. We both laughed, danced, hugged, jumped and had a gala time. I would like to do this more often. Its been sooooo sooo wonderful a feeling.

Wish I could get more moments like this to experience such marvellous activities together.


  1. Wow Great !!!
    So finally you know who your best friend is-the one who can dance with you for an hour.
    Do that more often and its really amazing to see how it unwinds you. I do that too-despite the fact that my 11 year old finds me embarrassing- but loves to giggle with me.

  2. Awww..I can totally relate to these wonderful moments. I have done it so many times with Betu and we both just LOVE it.

    As mampi said, enjoy it till they start getting embarrassed by our antics :D

  3. Yes, am still feeling so good about it. It was quite refreshing too.

    Oh damn..i dread that moment when she would start feeling embarrassed about it .. :|

  4. oh that is chooo chweet amazing :)


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