Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trying... again...

Today i just felt i should start writing...again. So i am back here ...once more...with determination to pen down something every other day atleast. First few days might have boring and negative posts mostly full of rantings..but i want to keep penning down something. Readers - Please bear with me!!

Life has been on a rought road for quite sometime now. Job world is shaky, personal life planet is not getting any attention, people around are behaving different...etc etc etc. And - dont know why - but all this affects me a bit too much. I have this horrible habit of keeping everything inside and suffocating myself from inside while people involved and responsible for that rejoice and have all the fun.

It hits me hard when i dont like someone's behaviour or a particular action but am absolutely unable to say anything. Evereyone - intentionally or unintentionally - gets his/her things done and I am left wondering what the hell am i doing.

Work is getting sick with every passing moment. I don't enjoy it any more and to such an extent that i have a pile of pending issues to work on but I am just unable to do anything about it inspite of knowing very well that it can cost me my job. I hate to be in such helpless situations.

My state-of-mind curve keeps changing... its more of a wave than just a curve.

I am trying to deal with it and get on more stable path..but things just refuse to happen in my favor. Or it's just me being too pessimistic.

Whatever the case - I have to do something about it.


  1. B these things happen. You are not alone. We do need to live with selfish and unreasonable people too-but have faith in yourself. You are what you are and should not change. You need to be satisfied from within. The phases of not liking your job, not feeling like doing anything come and overpower everyone. Just know that you are not alone.
    I understand how tough it is to open up, but sometimes that helps. I myself do not open up on my problems much but I have found that it helps.
    Cheer up!!

  2. Yes Mampi, i totally agree with u and i am trying to work towards that direction. Opening up surely helps - just that i need to be sure it's with right people and in right way.

  3. aaah i think i have said this before too i am surprised at how parallel our lifes move... the kids same size and now the same problems at the same time

  4. Ya Monika....its really amazing to have so many similarities in our lives...I have got surprised many times thinking about this. Its wonderful also in one way - esp whne u know u r not the only one in a particular situation behaving certain way :) :)

    I have to tell u about one more comon thing which happened this weekend.. :)


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