Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This is absolutely irritating.

(Ok...i write only when something starts bugging me a lot - so this place is mainly meant for rants and complaints and irritations - Writing here is my way of letting out all that)

How do people learn the art of getting things done their own way only and yet they are the ones who complain non-stop about how they have to agree to everyone and have no say in what they do. Whereas actually the truth is that very subtlely and calmly just put across what they want and usually their style gets them that. The things can be small but what-the-heck , they get it done their own way. Once you give an opposite view or try to reject that - there goes the subtle-pushing-tactic. I hate it. I hate to deal with such situation. And at other occasion they would want just like you have been asking a day before and again they want it their way. it's so damn annoying. And its a killer if that person is a close friend of you. It upsets you but yet to dont say as word as a respect for "YOUR" friend. But i am sure they don't think the same. (Else I could have noticed some change few times atleast) May be its my fault. I being a good freind should have told her about this annoying habit and given a chance to realise and perhaps improve. But what a pain???? Why should I be the one to first go through that irritating moment of silent acceptance and then gain all the more irritation back for pointing it out. Uhh...I hate it. Again i hate it. (Does writing it over and over again lessen it in anyway??? )


  1. Relax...
    trust people to understand their own selves. sometimes, as M says, its no fun to point out people's mistakes. let them be. but detach yourself from the suffering that you think they are causing you.

  2. Hm. I'd say confront but in the most constructive manner you know and I know you are good at this Bharti.
    Because most people don't understand their own selves and never will.
    Maybe some day, but I wouldn't wait for it to happen.

  3. Sometimes (very rarely) I too feel that "I have been had" after I have agreed for something. And funny thing is since we ourselves agreed in the first place, ideally one should not rant but it is impossible to not feel cheated!
    You have been tagged in my latest post. I think the tag will make u feel better :)

  4. @Mampi, Bibi, Preeti - Detaching or confronting can be good ways to deal with the situation but sometimes the person is a close one and its rather difficult for us to do so. Atleast I am unable to do so. Perhaps I should work on changing my behaviour and my way of reaction to such behaviours.

    @Preeti - Ya i second your thought, We agree yet we rant - But we rant when things go out of our control and we are unable to deal with it the way we think should be. We behave differently than what we think - so we get upset or frustrated.

  5. I agree with Mampi..."trust people to understand their own selves",

    I came to your blog by chance, very nice blog.


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