Thursday, August 27, 2009

Off Load

OK another one of world famous problems...which i guess each of us esp women have atleast for sometime.

Unfortunately Retail Therapy does not help with this one. Infact the chances are opposite here. Retail therapy can make it worse if followed too much for extended hours.

I have been struggling with this one for around 2 years now. The intensity is low and high - now and then. And these days the intensity is on higher side - owing to long continuous working hours and then hours of travelling back and forth home-office. There is one more high impact reason for high intensity these days.

There was a friend of mine here and we used to sit very near to each othere here in office. She also being indian - we would always talk in hindi (You might think - so what? well - It's of special mention because people around speak either Dutch or English and noone else besides us knows hindi ) We would keep on talking while working....we would go out together for lunches or shopping. There being no other female in our team and no other indian in our group - we spent lot of time together. (ok ok that does not mean we never mingled with anyone else) Also we both had to travel same direction, to same last station and at same time. So - quite simple - we were together more than 10 hours a day. But 2 months back she got married and moved to another country to join her husband.

Ok now back to actual story ( oh no how can I call such a serious situation just a story : ) As one can imagine, I don't have anyone else to talk (as in hindi and that too gossip and things just about anything - u know how girls talk) Also i dont go out as often as I used to. SO as a result I am sitting right here on my chair for hours. I come to office and sit here and start working. Only times i get up is to fetch tea/coffee or other obvious reason I am sure I don't need to mention. Besides that; work here, lunch here, any phone calls here. Once in a week or 10 days I go out like this one two days back.

Hmm..that's a story stretched too far now ...
I am not going to keep the secret anymore. Here it is... BACKACHES

All this has resulted in severe backache - shoulder aches and even chest pains. All because of not enough movements. I had been having backaches ever since my pregnancy. Apparently this is also one of the hidden bonuses you get when you are in IT industry that too a developer. Till it was only backache I was somehow dealing with it. But now for around 2 months, i had been having severe pain in my chest too. Obviously million people - million opinions made me believe it can be because of Acidity. But as it continued - i kept a close vigil and decided against that. No it was not acidity. It was something else. Somedays it would be so severe that I would not even be able to bend 10 degrees. I would not be able to lie down. Few times I would not even be able to breathe well. So a visit to the GP landed me up in physiotherapy clinic. I wasn't too excited about it as i had been to that for around 2 months last year - all in vain. Yet i decided to give it a try. Now as I live far away from office, i decided to look for some physiotherapist near office only so i can go during lunchtime or so and don't have to take days off. ANd God - i was damn lucky. Not only did i find the clinic just 10 minutes walking distance from office- also I found a genious physiotherapist. My chest pain went away right after first session of 15 minutes. Second visit released loads of tension from shoulder and neck part.

It actually feels like some heavy load is off my back. Only those who have suffered from backpain can understand how it is to feel day without any sort of backpain.

So far I have attended only two sessions and I am sure 3-4 more and I would not remember any backpains. It's amazing how some twists and turns he did on my body took away all the stress. And the manipulations ( as they call it) by pressing some points here and there can make the movements so much more easy.

So anyone suffering from backaches or anything of that sort - please try Physiotherapy, Chiropractice or Manual therapy or a combination if you can find out.

For today - I am really thankful and glad. A Huge load is off my back!!


  1. Hey Bharti, I'm glad to hear that this therapy is working well for you!

  2. oops glad u are feeling better

    backaches are terrible

    I am also starting to have them after the recent fall I had... may be i should try what u said

  3. It is indeed very painful to have a persistent back ache. Its good to know the therapy is working. Did you ever try yoga??


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