Monday, May 18, 2015

Just A Letter.

Its just a letter. Addressed to no one in particular.

Only Because I felt like writing to someone but didn't know to whom. Names of some -  though few - of my closest and loveliest people came to my mind but considering how much i bug them already with my non-stop nonsense, it only made sense to spare them of this.

So if you ever read this - YES this is directed to YOU!
(And Yes i am sure you will understand its for you)

My dearest dearest you,

Life goes on...
We share some. We avoid some. We live some. And we regret some.
But no matter what we do and how we feel, it keeps going on!

And in this journey we miss out on tiny little smiles and tiny little "hellos".
It doesn't seem important.
We believe our loved ones know what we mean and feel. We don't feel its important to say a hello without any agenda in mind. We don't feel there is any need to let them know how much we love them just because we believe they know. How often do we drop a message telling them we miss them or are just thinking about them. Rarely! Just because we assume they know it. Or we just find it awkward to say so.

So today I am writing to you to say all that.

I Miss You!
More often than you can ever imagine. Everytime i watch something interesting I think about you. Everytime i make something nice, i want to show it to you. Everytime i listen to something which makes me smile or ponder, i want to tell you. Everytime i read anything new I think about you. Everytime i eat something and really like it, i want to send it over to you. Everytime i am sad and low I want you nearby. Everytime I feel like crying I want to be with you. Everytime I am happy and joyful I want to share it with you. No matter what - you are the one who comes to my mind and i want to share that moment with.

It's as simple and as complicated as that.

Quite often i feel like telling this to you but i am somehow scared of being judged as crazy and perhaps an emotional fool. Besides I don't want you to feel burdened because of how I feel.

I also want to tell you that I Love you! A Lot!

It's ironical that no one ever says that to me (I am not counting the times when I almost force people to say it to me...without actually giving them an option). I know you do love me but like someone said - sometimes I want an assurance in the form of words - written or spoken. To feel cared for and loved is a very basic emotional need of a human beings. It keeps us going.
So today i want to tell you that I love you and I care for you!

No matter how I behave at times, no matter how I seem to be - Remember and Believe that there's always love...abundant love! And no matter what - I will always be there for you.

Much love and countless smiles,

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