Thursday, May 28, 2015

Misery of expectations

Expectations are like suicide by slow poisoning yourself. How much do we humans expect from each other. Every relationship we build is based on some expectations - conscious or unconscious. I am helping you with your problem so I expect you to help me out with mine. And more often than not this is the biggest cause for all the misery. 

Quite often when our expectations from others are not met we actually forget our real problem and get more affected by that instead. How could he/she do that! I expected you to help me. I expected you to be there and offer support. Etc. Etc. Etc. 
Unfortunately this happens in all the relationships we have. Expectations is the root cause of differences that make a relationship weak and drifting us apart. 
But is it wrong to expect something from your loved ones? Is it wrong to expect them to be there for you like you do for them? Is it wrong to expect? 
If i can offer something, why can't I expect that back? 
This confuses me and leaves me sad. 
Every time I face this I gather myself and believe I won't get affected anymore. But it hits harder every time. 

We humans cannot live without digging pits for ourselves. We love, we trust, we provide and we expect all this in return. And loose faith in relationships each time this is not met. 

Simplicity is surely not one of my virtues. I tend to complicate everything. And then find a reason to nag! 

Ah Life!
Goes on!

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