Wednesday, October 12, 2016

To do - wish list

For few days a lot is going on in my mind. Getting all kinds of ideas about things I would like to do. Things can give pleasure. I like doing creative work. I enjoy making things. I love creating. 
So i just thought let me list down some ...

1. Sew a dress for my daughter 
2. Sew a dress for myself 
3. Make a painting for own room
4. Crochet a scarf -> this is one thing I don't know at all. Have never done it. 
5. Hand paint a vase and some boxes.  Have done this in childhood. Would like to do it again. 

Don't know when I would do any of these. I lack motivation big time. I get all excited about doing things but loose interest even before starting it. These wishes have been in mind for quite sometime. Let's see how and when am i able to cross out any of these. 

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