Sunday, October 2, 2016


Sometimes saying "miss you" is not enough to explain the real feeling. The words don't sound enough to convey  the depth of what you are actually experiencing. Nothing comes close to it. 
I wish there was some way to convey the emotions with the same strength as you feel them. 

Like - missing someone so much that it hurts one moment, makes you cry the other moment and then suddenly fills you up with gratitude for all the beautiful memories of that person. Experiencing all this and much more with intense depth in a short span of time. 

All this when sometimes the person is actually close by and/or in regular touch. Or Sometimes its also that you talk often and/or you even meet often yet the overwhelming feeling of missing them at a particular moment. 
Complex - isn't it? 
How do you explain this!!!!

So i will just leave it at -

I miss you! 

Hope you read this and understand the depth of it as well. 

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