Tuesday, February 13, 2018

To you...

Dear unknown,

There are countless random things that come to my mind and i feel i must share with you. Some i remember and some i forget after that moment is passed. Some good some bad. Sometimes those are just mundane daily life things.  You know like something i do, or something i watch, or just music. There is a different charm in sharing random stuff with you, even if it bores you to death - which probably it might do at times.  It's a strange phase in my life. I am not sure i should be happy or sad, should i be shedding tears or just laugh and smile on random moments of joy, Or should i just ignore and behave like nothing has changed in life!
Which one of these reactions will be normal?
What is right way to behave? 

And then arises the ques, should i reach out to people for help and guidance and advise or decide what feels right to me! What if my decisions are not the right ones? What if i am only thinking one aspect and not all? 
There are countless such "What - ifs.." which come to my mind every other minute.
What? How? When? ...too many unanswered questions out there!
Too many decisions to make!
Too much action to be taken!
Too much thinking to be done!

I wish I could sit together so I say out all loud to you. So i could hear back your thoughts.
Or may be we could just sit and have coffee in silence.

Keeping the faith!

1 comment:

  1. Keeping faith does yield results ..
    regarding questions and what if's they will always be there , make a decision and give it all your heart.. it will surly work out ..

    God bless



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