Monday, February 12, 2018

When Snow flakes bring a message

For months, i am having major reading and writing block. I have been itching to write - something... anything - for a very long time ...but nothing would come out. No words, no inspiration, no ideas, no emotions. It's either been blank or too chaotic to sort out and give it any form. Infact no communication or sharing of thoughts has been happening for last few weeks. Some friends have been trying to reach out and talk - with little success. Some others stopped bothering or making an effort. Some i expected to be around and to go that extra mile and make some effort but in vain...and eventual pain. All that pushed me further inside the layers i had been building around already. Life became loaded with feelings of hurt, sadness and detachment.

This morning was different.

As i got down from bus to walk to the office, it started snowing. Those light tiny puffs of cotton falling from sky. I looked up and smiled. As much as i hate walking in rain, its completely opposite feeling in snow. I walked slowly. Smiling. And felt as if some load is being lifted off my chest. Those tiny soft flakes made my heart feel lighter. I wonder, how we keep looking for comfort in our loved ones and expecting them to be there. While the comfort can come in any form, from anywhere at any time. Universe sends signals in many ways! May be this is it!

May be its time to Let go!
Let go of old thoughts
Let go of the hurt
Let go of expectations
Let go of fears
Let go of anger
Let go of people i don't feel connected to
Let go of everything that's not letting me rise

The times now need me to focus. Prioritize and Focus!

Just look up, let go and feel light and bright!

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