Thursday, April 9, 2009

The quest goes on....

Today I am going through quite mixed feelings... I want to remain quiet and not speak to anyone. i just don't feel like. Then on the other hand I am unable to find any reason for that. I am happy...without any special strong tension on mind. The dance from last night is still fresh in my mind and the feeling makes me smile everytime i think of it. I am trying to focus on work and wrap up some of it today (atleast thats the plan for the day) But yet something unknown to me is going on somewhere inside and not letting me feel good. Every few minutes i feel sad for no obvious explanation at all. I came in half hr late at work. Haven't spoken a single word for around 4 hrs now. Last word i said was BYE to my hubby when i left for work this morning. Strange mixed feelings.

It is weird how that "small-looking" area at the top of our body rules everything we do or feel. In case you are confused at what i am talking about - i am trying to refer to brain in my own style. We are such a slave to that "brain". Every action is ruled from there - the top most storey of the creation called body. Though; every now and then the tiny heart also tries to by-pass the judgements passed from there and take over the decision making role yet its not the boss. Heart keeps trying to give its own independent view about everything. It does succeed many times but then brain takes over quickly. The quest between heart and brain is going on ever since the body was created. And the fun part is this quest goes on in "every" single creation. And Brain always gets elected as the one who can have all the power.

I am also witnessing one such quest today. Brain says - focus on work, whats wrong..nothing is wrong around, everything seems to be fine, every related thing seems to be happy - so just concentrate, smile and work. But heart feels something else. Heart feels low. It says - its ok to be sad sometimes for no reason, its ok to not talk, its ok to embrace silence once in a while.

And I as a soul and a body am struggling for the heart and brain to reach a consensus.


  1. U know what B,
    follow your heart, invariably, always.
    Heart doesnt go in opposition to brain, it has only a more warmer way to behave.
    Follow your instincts-no one is a better judge of urs than your own self. Top it all with your faith in God, Whatever happens, happens for some good.
    Good luck, God bless.

  2. Now i came to know this is not uncommon to be sad sometimes without any reason. I never found it logical but starting to believe now as you said once "When more than one person does something, its not insane anymore" :). And by the way, people says upper part of my body is too big, my ears that is :D, oh you are talking about brain, yeah thats small, nothing special here too. Chao, take care, keep it...


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