Friday, May 1, 2009

Family Tree

I am feeling quite angry and embarrassed with myself today....guess what..

I was filling some form for work and i had to answer to some secret questions for hints just in case i forget things like password etc. You knwo those hint questions in email accounts which help to retrieve forgotten passwords. Ok so there was a question - "What is the name of your maternal grandmom" And can you believe it - I j-u-s-t c-o-u-l-d n-o-t r-e-m-e-m-b-e-r :( I tried hard to...but the name would just not come to my mind. I could only remember what we used to call her - Badi Mummy. I felt so bad. Ok so i went through the list of other questions available which I could use there instead of that one. And Guess what - most questions there were about names of grand parents. I couldn't have felt more shameful. So I thought of writing down all names here and have a family tree - just for rememberance sake.


  1. ha ha i know what u mean...

    BTW do u know, i used to call my maternal gradma badi mummy andnow ojas calls my mom badi mummy :) such a sweet thing it is

  2. :)Its ok!! Sometimes U forget names--but nice to write down nevertheless. As sooon a si read this post I quickly scanned my brain to see if I remembered and was relieved to find I did--both set of grandparents ! :P Though I lost them long ago, in me they live!

  3. @monika : o really..u called ur granny the nice. i like that name. but somehow i never tried telling prisha to call my mom like that. I guess i would.

    @Bibi: welcome bibi. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    @Preeti: Great.


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