Thursday, May 7, 2009

What can make one feel so ...!!

What a wonderful feeling :)

Can anyone guess why? I think most fellow females would give a correct answer to it. They know what can make a women feel so good :)

Yes...YOU ARE RIGHT (even if you were not - don't worry...I know you would surely agree once you know the answer. If not, i understand there can be more things in life to make you feel good)

We have this Organization Development kind of site here in our company where every employees' details and career plan are added. And this is supposedly a very useful tool for tracking your own personal career growth. Ok so our internal communications department felt it was quite important to have everyone's picture there so as to provide visibility and recognition. (Though i know this is one more tactic to get more people to login to that site - if not for their own career plan - atleast for looking at other faces TEEHEE)

Ok so official plan was made for this. Days were finalised. Everyone got a time slot. (Are you still guessing - for what?? )Well...for photo shoot. Yes...some apparently famous professional photographer was brought in to take portrait photos of us. my time slot was today. We were just advised to dress up business like atleast from waist up ..hehe ( Imagine...some street Bermudas below and a Dolce-Gabbana Jacket on top) Ok ok. So I tried to dress up well for today. (No Dolce-Gabbana or Christian Dior outfit - mind you) Just plain simple dress which falls under formal daily office wear. So at my time slot, I touch up bit of makeup...brush my hair and go to the allocated room. And - surprise surprise. I see there a huge table well arranged with all kinds of brushes, concealers, maskaras, foundations, lip gloss etc etc etc etc. I know you all can add to the list. There was a huge mirror with lights all around it. A well dressed make-up girl welcomed me there and escorted me to the elite chair :) (NOW....are you able to understand the reason - many of you who didnt agree earlier would surely be saying BIG YES now ) Ok So i sit there looking at all that "make-up stuff" amazingly meanwhile trying to put up a face as if I am a regular at getting such treatments - you know those celebrities kinds. For once i wondered - O God..i already have make up on - Now this girl is going to apply two more inches of it so as to make me look 2 inches fatter than what i already am. So I try to do small talk in between to take away my thougts and sound normal. She takes number of things one after the other...applies them on my face, eyes, lips... She tries to look from all angles If its looking perfect..then some more touching here and there...some more blush on may be...hmm...little darker lipgloss would be better. ok some touch up on hair...umm do i need some straightening or may be little curls would look nice...ok done..perfect...(I tell you this is all so damn good - you sitting there and kind of lost in your own thoughts while someone is treating you like a celebrity) As she says done - i can't stop smiling wide and trying hard to control that so as to not look stupid.

There comes the cameraman with an equally warm smile and loads of compliments for me. He explains me where I need to sit and where and how much to turn my head, where to look, how much to smile(HEHEHE..i was almost grinning once) He arranged my hair a bit and *CLICK* more *CLICK*. Perfect!!

It was all such a great feeling.

So now you all know what can make a woman feel so good :)


  1. Oh WOW that is so great! I wish I worked there again... Where can I see the pictures?? Did Dieter get a make over? Sooo curious! Heeheeee!

  2. @Bibi : Hey B...dont you know Dieter left an year ago. SO he missed out on great oppotunity of his make over.
    Pics r still being taken..half people have their soot tomorrow...i am not sure if we would get those. They would directly be uploaded to the site.

  3. YES i second, third the request, PICS PICS...:)

  4. hi,im Jyoti just visited ur blog.nice blog.keep writing.ucan visit my blog

  5. Share the pictures please,please please!

  6. wow,
    where be the pictures??

  7. O ya even I am waiting for the pic....dont know ahen r we going to them get or rather if we woudl even get them or not. You know how much time official things take.

  8. ooh... please share share.. the final pics. .. please please!!

  9. I will share as soon as I get them. i am not even sure if we would get hem or they would go straight on the site for which they were clicked.

    Welcome to my blog "How do we know" and "JyotiAjay" !!


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