Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Marathon Blogging Day 1- 3 pet peeves

So i took up this monthly marathon blogging challenge with super enthusiasm and guess what.... I am struggling on the first day itself. 
Almost end of day and am somehow sneaking in few minutes to jot down few words. (And silently repeating to myself- I can do it, I can do it)

Its time my almost dormant blog gets some life. 

So here i start....

My 3 pet peeves

1. Loud noise: i get absolutely restless & irritated with loud sounds around. The top most being people who are standing next to me but speaking to me so loud as if i am on other side of the planet. I get annoyed with loud music, people talking loudly in public places, kids' toys having loud music but no volume control button. I even get annoyed with sounds of doors & fan etcetcetc. 
The only high pitch sound i can tolerate is my own ;) and that includes my screaming at people at home {ah suddenly i pity them for dealing with that...well lets move on}

2. Wet washbasin sides/edges : i get annoyed to my nerves when people leave the wash basin all wet all around after washing hands. I fail to understand how they do so. 

3. Chipped nail paint : Oh annoyance at its limit. Even worse when i see someone scratching it. That sound that look.... Eew ......Phew!!!!!!

And there i managed the first post just in time. 

See you tomorrow! 

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  1. Hahahah I know what you mean by wet wash basin edges.makes me go maaaaad!

    1. hehehe....glad there are others who share the same feeling!

  2. Ha ha ha!! The top 2 pet peeves match mine ;) I seriously wonder how people leave sink edges wet for the next person. Totally not cool! Catching up on my reading, will hop on to your other posts in the series!! Happy Blogging!

    1. Ya....isn't it so annoying to leave wet edges. I even get annoyed when my husband leaves kitchen shelf wet after washing veggies or some other utensil.
      And Thanks...hoping to write more regularly.


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