Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life goes on...

An interesting metaphor i noticed this morning while sitting in bus for my usual commute to work.

Our life is also like a bus journey.

We get ready and take on the journey with a destination which only we have in our mind. We sit and ponder over each passing phase. Some of these phases we simply miss being lost in our own thoughts. At times we enjoy the views flashing past.

On the way we meet lots of fellow passengers travelling like us through life.
We share smiles with some. And we ignore some. We join one of these and share the space with an unsaid understanding of not to intrude in each other's space. Yet often we need to make this clear to some who  think they can enter our space and be part of our journey. At times this needs to be done with a stern face and tough mind. But its important. We dont give too many thoughts to this. We react as it seems befitting that moment. 

In this process sometimes we also connect with few. We share moments and thoughts and admire the surroundings a bit more. We make memories only to be put somewhere at the back of our minds and move on.
Some fellow passengers become part of our life for a certain phase and others as far as whole life. We share mutual feelings with those who travel with us longer. We share emotions like delays, being stuck, the sunny or gray weather at times, the thrill of speed or even the suffocation of the space.

At times the space seems like choking us... Giving us nausea too. We feel like this is the end of it. But we hang in there telling ourselves- "Little bit more, just a little bit more". Meanwhile longing for that gush of fresh air at every halt. 

A new memory, a new moment, a new emotion - all on the journey called life. 

Thus - Life goes on.....

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  1. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.


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