Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Letter to sibling (Letter - 8)

Dear dear Big brother,

I searched & searched for something
To say to you today... But nothing was enough and no words said it the way i wanted to say. 
I wrote. I deleted. I remembered. I cherished. I laughed. I felt sad. 
Each one came as a flash back of happy life gone past. 

You are very special to me 
And i thank and pray for this special gift i got as a brother like you. 

The countless fights & attempts to annoy each other. Taking you for a ride on my back. Hitting you hard while you would not budge. Letting me play cricket in your boys' group. Enjoying evening snack made by you... Those are some cherished memories of having yummy homemade cutlets & tikkis made by you. 

Your ever eager attempt at annoying me by touching my plate with the tip of yoghurt filled spoon. You making fun of my friends. 

And that one week when you came home from college just to teach me maths before class 12th board exam. For that I owe you every penny i have earned till now :)

Your always positive attitude & convincing power. Your google like capabilities... A one stop shop for every information in the world :)

Your happiness on my wedding. Though I must ask you why were you so happy to see me go :) :) 

How you decorated all around with flowers & danced away till your feet were swollen & blistered yet you were smiling wide. 

I have only happy memories when i think of you. And i will treasure them forever. 

We dont see each other often now nor do we talk much. But you are always on my mind and i think about you every single day. 

When you said - "I will support you in everything without asking any questions" I knew i could not have been more blessed. 

Thanks for being a part of my life. Thanks for being that big brother every little girl wishes to have. 

I love you & i miss you!

Your little sister. 

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