Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Can we deal with pain?
Pain of any kind and 
pain for any reason. 
Pain of being away from loved ones, 
pain of missing someone, 
pain of longing to be with someone, 
pain of craving love, 
pain of feeling helpless in certain situations, 
pain of not being able to give enough, 
pain of not being enough, pain of feeling inadequate, 
pain of being a failure, 
pain of seeing dreams getting shatteted, 
pain of being unreachable,  
pain of falling again & again, 
pain of not being able to rise, 
pain of living,
pain of life dragging past. 

To deal or let it be. 
To soothen it or scratch it. 
To talk or hide it all away
To accept it or ignore it. 
To seek help or turn away. 
To face it or bow down. 
To live or to survive. 

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