Friday, December 12, 2014


We all live with priorities. Some unsaid. Some well thought about. Some forced upon us. 
How does one prioritize! Whats the criteria! How does one compare! A top priority for me might not be in your list at all. 
How do we prioritize between work & family, family & friends, friends & work..... And so on. How do we prioritize between self & home, health & our kids and so on...

We cannot not give priority to any of these. Each one is at the top of the list in individuality. But what if we have to choose?! And what if I choose one and expect the same from you. But because our priorities differ - how do i react? Is forcing my priority on you - ok? Or just accepting yours and ignoring my own is ok? Or is there always a mid-way? 
In any situation there will be someone hurt & left sad. There will be one amongst us feeling less. 

And what if we cannot choose one and end up doing nothing about any of them! Guilt will take over. There is no escape. 

Life will always be a series of confusions and more confusions. No wonder no one comes out alive. :) 

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