Friday, January 23, 2015

Don't Rush

Always heard from everyone around that being a parent is not only tough and challenging but equally rewarding and satisfying too. Being myself a mom for 7 yrs now i have gone through mixed thoughts often. When a moment of gratitude turns into outburst of anger - has been beyond my understanding so far. One thing is for sure - Being a parent means making patience your best buddy. Never ever let it go. Eat patience, drink patience, sleep patience and basically live patience. Make it your own.
Inspite of knowing and acknowledging this - unfortunately i have never been able to nurture it. Its like any other emotion of mine. At times i have more than ample and other times i lack it big time. No hack or crack has been found as yet. 
Every single day i notice the need of patience more and more. We live in times where "hurrying" is our second nature. We are always in hurry - running from one thing to another. Never actually taking the time to think. Keep moving onwards and ahead and onto next is our life. How soon we drag our kids into that race is shocking. We use the word "hurry up" more than anything else we say to them. Sometimes i wonder whats the first word that comes to my daughter's mind as soon as she sees me at any point. Am sure its "Hurry Up". 
And this thought breaks my heart. And its not just with kids, it affects every aspect of our life including all relationships.

Hurry Hurry hurry and before we know a moment is lost, a gesture is missed, a signal is ignored, a smile is lost, a hug is forgotten. No wonder affection is losing its place today.
We know this. We all acknowledge it too. We realize we need to slow down just a little. Yet how many of us take a moment for this.

Being busy has become a way of telling the world how well we are doing. Busy is first excuse for everything.

We are busy hurrying up and loosing patience - ALL THE TIME!!

Busy to say hello. Busy to drop a message. Busy to smile at each other. Busy to ask how the other person is doing. Busy to enjoy a song together. Busy to eat together. Busy to share a hug. Busy to do anything yet busy.

I am no different. Rushing from one to another...hurrying up...Busy!

I want to slow down. Breathe! Smile! Cherish the moments! Stop, enjoy and Be Thankful.

“I've always been in a rush. Ever since I was a child I always thought that there was somewhere else I ought to be even though there was nowhere else I had to go.” 
― Donal O'Callaghan

Here are the most aptly written thoughts by Juan Olivarez

Don't cut the plant,
Just let it grow.
Don't rush through life,
Go nice and slow.

Don't cut the blossom,
Just inhale it's soul,
What grows before you,
Is God's true gold.

Don't rush inside,
When it starts to pour.
Just walk through the rain,
As you've, done before.

Rise early one day,
And behold the dawn,
And a giant red orb,
Will stifle your yawn.

Wonder at the moon,
High in the night sky.
And the stars all around,
So incredibly high.

Do you remember,
When you were so young,
And a world full of wonder,
Was there to be won.

Some look but don't see,
And who holds the key?
To the wonders the lord made,
For you and for me.

Some hear, but don't listen,
They're too busy by far.
To hear rustling of leaves,
Or see twinkling of stars.

To hear birds in the trees,
Oh such beautiful songs.
To see clouds floating by,
When the wind is so strong.

Don't rush through your life,
Take a deep breath and then.
Behold all the marvels,
God created for men.

Smell of the flowers,
Along lifes highway.
And your life will be better,
By far in this way.

Juan Olivarez

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