Friday, January 30, 2015

kya khoya kya paya

Sochti thi zaroorat thi tere paas hone kee
tere hone se zindagi se faraar hona aasaan tha
woh mein - jisse darr sa lagta tha
woh mein - jise gale na laga payi
kyun nahin mein mein ho pati
kyun nahin mein apne saath reh pati
waqt beeta, khud se hee duur ho gayi
kya tere hone se apne ko kho diya dheere dheere
sab kuch badal sa gaya
Khud se naraazgi hue ab
Khud se faraar hona namumkin lagta tha
par duur kahin duur nikal gayi mein
mujhe khud ko paane ke liye
tera dheere dheere chale jana
mila na saka mujhe mujh se hee
socho to kya paaya kya khoya
na tu mila na khud ko dhoond payi mein...

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  1. Bahut khub! Such profound lines Bharti. I spoke them out loud while reading and fell in love with your style!

    1. Thank you so much Aditi. :)
      Welcome to my space - my random thoughts captured in different forms.

  2. indeed make me want to sit and see and think what i got and what i lost ..
    beautiful ..

    in our day to day life and rush for something which i dont know what it is i.. we sometimes forget what we have lost to get to this place that we are and is that worth it ..



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