Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All this and more...

There are times someone upsets you and you end up getting angry.

Someone might say cruel words that will hurt you and make you very sad.

Sometimes unwise decisions are made and you are disappointed.

Somebody's actions make you to worry about them.

And There can be moments where someone will make you cry

Someday unforgivable mistakes will be made by someone

There will be lies told to you and your trust will be tested.

A small conversation might end up breaking your heart.

All this will happen - repeatedly.

There will be struggles and there will be challenges.
There will be arguments and there will be discussions.
There will be pain and there will be sorrows.

But with all this there will also be love.
A feeling so strong that each time it will help you deal with all of those and forget them and move on. Its Love which makes us strive for a happier life.
Its love which makes us make those extra efforts each day.
Hold on to that... Let Life take its own course.

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