Friday, October 24, 2014

A dream. A wish.

Festivals. Celebrations. Happiness. Sharing. Caring. Loving. 
Thats the spirit of the season. 
The sparkle of lights
And chill in air
Makes a perfect atmosphere to feel cozy
And share smiles with your loved ones. 

Distance can be a big dampner at such times. It has been for many years now and was no different this season.  

This time it felt even emptier than ever. 

But then step in some God sent divine souls. 
They make you smile. They make you laugh. They make you forget about mundane life. They listen. They shower love. They make life seem like a celebration. No distance, no gap, no mode, nothing becomes a hinderance. 
They stay with you when the world seems aloof. They give you the perfect peppy talk without overdoing it to the level of preaching. They give you memories to last forever. They give to enough reasons to smile & be thankful. 

How this sounds like a dream world! But its as true as these falling rain drops, as the hide n seek that the sun is playing, as the fluffy clouds are floating around freely! 
It is not just a moment. Its an experience. It can only be felt ... With a true open heart. 

As with every ray of light there looms the fear of dark clouds covering it up, so is the fear in this heart. This heart is scared to think this might just be a passing phase. This soul is petrified of being left alone soon again. This mind reckons this dream would end as soon as i open my eyes. 

So i let out this wish in this universe... 

O universe - please let these soulful content moments become days, days become weeks and weeks become years and years....let it be a Never ending dream !!

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