Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Letter to Someone You miss the most (Letter - 6)

My dear dear dear "P"

You have been a part of my life for pretty much whole of it. We developed this bond of ours over the years and it has only gone stronger. I think that's how it is in every such relationship.

I look forward to talking to you. I look forward to your mail or call.

You are younger than me but my strongest support each time I am in a dip and need a push to stand up again. You are much more stable in your thoughts and stronger in dealing with life's challenges. I admire you for that.

Sometimes I sit and wonder how did you turn out like that. How do you do it!
I know you have your own share of worries to deal with...but its rarely that I see you feeling so down and negative. I love your positivity.

Your hardworking attitude and "You can do it" will is obvious. No wonder that inspite of being the youngest of us you have emerged as the best! There is not second thought about that.

I must confess that sometimes I am envious of you for being so sorted and maintaining a stable head on your shoulders. For never giving up in any situation. For being there for everyone always.

You are an excellent wife, a truly loving mom, a wonderful daughter and daughter-in-law.....and THE BEST sister on  can ask for.

Stay blessed, Stay Happy, Keep Smiling!

I Miss You!!
I Miss chatting with you....just talking about anything under the sun.  I Miss going out for shopping together with you. I Miss cooking together and sharing recipes ... I Miss Having non stop discussion through the night. I Miss sharing clothes, sharing makeup, sharing jewellery....

I Miss seeing our kids bond and become like best friends.

I Miss a lot....every day, every moment!

I Miss YOU!

Lots of love always

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