Friday, October 31, 2014

It can only be a dream.

Yes this is a Dream. 
Dream I am living. 
Dream that I am dreading will end soon & throw me back in the hands of reality. 
To be tossed & turned ... To be shaken... To be shattered into million pieces. 
It can only be a dream....
Dream which gives hope. 
Dream which is showering love. 
Dream where you hold my hand & tell me Everything will be ok. 
Dream where you are walking besides me on this rough road. 
Dream where I am air & you are the musician...playing the most melodious tunes for me to flow freely & dance...
Dream where true love is all that matters. 
Dream where each other's presence is what gives life. 

Yes ... It can only be a dream. 

You might have loved me, if you had known me. If you had ever known my mind. If you would have walked through my dreams and memories. Who knows what treasures you might have found. Yes, you might have loved me. If you had only taken the time.”

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