Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Get Set Goooo...

I am home today. Usually I am home every tuesday as my daughter doesn't go to day care on tuesdays and one of us needs to be home to look after her. Morning went into physiotherapy sitting - I have been having quite a lot of back pain ever since I had my surgery. And also it gets worse when i carry Prisha up and down stairs few times. So the doctor advised physiotherapy.
I have noticed that doctors here have quite bookish knowledge - just when my physiotherapist was about to start , she got confused about which side should i lie down on - so she went back to her computer , looked there at the screen and came back asking me to lie down on left side. It was quite weird. She anyway had to repeat the same process on both sides and which side first didnt sound like anything to cause confusion. And weirdest of all is that she has done this all the 4 times I have visited her so far. Everytime she has to check on computer. I find it both weird and funny. Anyway, she helps me feel better, so no complains!! :)

I just hope these sittings start giving some results now.
I am also forcing myself into stepping on my "stepper" for atleast few minutes everyday now. There are so many reasons- weight, legs pain, back pain - even if it helps in one of these - I would be more than glad. *sigh*

I started it yesterday only. Five minutes on it and I was half dead - uhh thats almost no stamina. I felt ashamed at myself. So I went on for 5 more minutes. 10 in all isnt bad for first day - right? This morning also I stepped on for 5 minutes. Am planning to continue - the question is how long :)

I would be travelling back home to India in November and want to get rid of all these pains and shed off some extra layes by then. Keeping my fingers crossed !!


  1. Good luck girl, with all the issues. You have started to work towards your mission, that is the biggest thing.
    LOL at the physiotherapist having to consult her notes at the side on which to make you lie down.

  2. Pick your tag,
    welcome back to the big bad world of blog-demons like me.


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