Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am a snow covered white day !!

Thanks Mampi for tagging me on this. I had a great timing imagining and just loved it. I feel much better going through this process.

I was required to write what kind of a day I want to be.

It is snowing since dawn .. It is white all around. I feel fresh and pure. Feels like I am a renewed day. A day so calm. A day so soothing. Not many cars came on road in the morning. All life forms decided to cuddle their loved ones and feel warm. I felt on top of cloud nine when some people looked out of their windows and said - Oh! What a beautiful day. (Who doesn't like praise!! *wide smiles*)

Few shiny rays of sun are trying to peek through the clouds and add to my beauty. Kids have decided to come out and play with snow and enjoy me - "the beautiful day". I am liking it. These giggling kids add to the joy of their parents and all passers  by and I feel great when they smile and look happy.  The chilly air has turned every one's nose red. They are enjoying and I am glad to be a day they would remember.

Time is moving. The play is about to end. It's getting chillier..i so wish i could be longer - but no...i live in a cycle of 24 hrs and this is the time i am given to spread smiles and wipe some tears. I am just a day. I am going into darkness now but would be back again to add to brightness and life.

I would like to tag ~nm, Purplexia, PG, Swati and Monika on this.
Hope you all enjoy imagining what kind of a day you want to be.


  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeat.
    Loved the way you developed it and ended on an optimistic note.
    You are a beautiful day, a bright one.
    I am so glad you took the tag in such a great spirit.

  2. superb...!! :)

    hey u did visit my blog na..? sorry it took so long for me to come visit urs...

    its very nice...enjoyin it...!!

    hope u liked my blog and will visit again soon...!!

  3. Thanks Mampi and Vinay.
    Mampi I am trying to keep up with the promise as much as I can. :)

    Vinay, i surely loved your blog...gonna be regular now. I love the way feelings from deep inside flow out in words in form of poetry. Wish I could do it.

  4. great... nice day u are... will take up the tag soon

  5. Momie, thanks! That was a fun tag to do.

  6. I read it again and what a wonderful day! I would love to be in it too :)


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