Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"How-To" Guide for people

I am so tired, I feel so sick, i feel so weak. This 10 months girl of mine is driving me nuts...uhh...am i a bad bad mommy to say this?? :( I have been home since thursday afternoon because she is ill.

I am totally out of energy today - both mentally and physically. I dont know what to say and what not to say. My mind is stuck - or rather full of too many thoughts- its too restless. Wish there was some "step-by-step" guide to deal with this.

Why can't there be a manual or a guide like we have for appliances or tools or anything that man has created for his comfort. Why can't anyone come up with a guide for dealing with tough situations in life that we face daily? Let me try to create one for the situation I am in.

"How to keep yourself cool and composed when your child is sick and you are also unwell and there is noone else to take care"

1. Try to put your child to sleep as much as you can - that would help the child to feel better and also give you time to relax and do other things.

2. Let your child sit next to you and do whatever you are doing - if not fully atleast a part of it to feel engaged in the same activity as you. This way your child would be excited about doing something new and you owuld be able to finish your work.

uhh..I could not come up with any more en cemy condition. Anyone has any more ideas to add to the list?


  1. Wish I had one such guide too. I rememeber being sick with simple things like a cold for three weeks that I also went to the doctor wondering what was wrong, when Rishab was younger. Children require so much attention and care at a young age that it drains us of energy, especially when we are ill. I used to fall ill so fast and for so long. I can only say, don't worry and make the best of the situation. Take it easy. Forget the household. just do the needful.
    As for doing something on your own while your child plays on its own. Rishab didn't untill he was two and a half. It was not possible to just take out five minutes to do something on my own without getting frustrated and making Rishab upset as well.
    But, I would suggest that youn try to fierst do some activity with her which is enjoyable to both of you immidsiately before you want to do something, as that fills the "love tank" of the baby for the following time and may allow you to do something fdoer the few minutes afterwards.
    Another idea: Hire a baby sitter while you can do your things at home.
    There is book called (don't know how it is called in Dutch) "How to really love your child" from Ross campbell. In German it is called something like : "children are like a mirror", if it might be of help to find the book.
    here is one link for amazon for you to look into the book for an idea:
    It is a wonderful book which would strengthen you as aparent. It is a wonderful book.
    wish you a good and fast recovery!

  2. You need to relax. And if anything is there to learn, you must learn how to relax. I learnt it slowly, painfully and thankfully now I can look back and find myself a changed person.
    Stop feeling guilty in saying that the child is driving you nuts. Its okay. We all have been driven to bigger nuts, hehehe. So wait till more of such craziness comes up.
    She is at the best phase of her life, enjoy her.

  3. @PG: Thanks a lot. I am surely gonna get hold of that book soon. I really need one now. And yes, i need to develop little more patience and find out creative ways to make her happy. /She has short interest span..gets bored too soon from one thing/toy/activity. I need to be really creative now :)

    @Mampi: Thanks for the support.Yes perhaps your are right - this is still good time...i must enjoy it before more surprises start popping up :)

  4. as PG and mampi have mentioned u need to take cool, I know its difficult specially with the first child I had a terrible time myself when Ojas first fell sick but learning that this is a phase and will pass helps a lot... go thru her blog or remember the things she did to make u smile and laugh helps a lot...

    that said my son drives me nuts even when he is well.... :) :) :) :)

    cheer up girl.... these are the ups and downs u will treasure after some time


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