Monday, September 1, 2008

I am back !!

I am back !!

Atleast that's what I feel at the moment. :)
I have been reading all your posts - all of them left some mark in one way or the other - food for thought from some, smiles from others, tasty ideas from few more and obviously a push to go back to blogging world from all of them !!

Thanks to all of you for your inspirations and supportive words while I was lost in my "undefined" mode.

And sorry for not leaving back any comments while I visited your blogs to get a sneak preview of what's happening in your lives.

Such phases are quite a regular part of my life. I give up on my likes, i dont feel like doing anything and feel sad and low all the time. But I come back bubbly and all smiling (that's what i am doing now).
After reading all your blogs I had already got a feeling how you all have created a strong emotional bond with each other and support each other - come what may. It gives such a wonderful boost to my mind and heart to have such people in your life. And now I also feel lucky enough to have such a bonding with some of you (though it is more of one sided as of now - i have been selfish mean person in this aspect - never put any effort to leave few charming words to cheer you up) I would work on this lovely relationship and nourish it too!

How our life gets such twists and turns- it's such a strange roller coaster ride. And it keeps on going - never stops - obviously there would be hiccups every now and then. But i am glad i am at highs also and can enjoy while i am there. Suddenly everything seems to have fallen in place (touchwood). Deep inside i am still complaining about million other things but still its going pretty smooth - work, home, baby, relationships, friends, etc etc etc. I wish this smooth ride continues for sometime. I will do my best to be at this level for sometime for I know the roller coaster has to go down someday but then again it has to come back up.


  1. You will be punished for the low phases. LOL
    Give us one post everyday. Even if it is a single para post. Even if it is about your maid, even if it is about your neighbour... anything for gods sake.
    Thats how you will keep US cheered up.

  2. Sure. Will do so !!
    i like this punishment :)

  3. Good to see you back and hope you don't disappear again like this :)

    I know we all have such low phases in our lives. I keep having them too so its OK but then don't get stuck in those phases. Bounce back after a while. Life becomes much more beautiful after each bounce back. Doesn't it?

  4. good to see u back.. :) life is all abt ups and downs...

  5. Thanks ~nm and monika! I would try my best to keep scribbing down my thoughts.


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