Friday, September 5, 2008

Sweet and Spicy

Yesterday I was out for dinner to a french retaurant and had the chance of tasting an icecream I had never had before - Pepper Icecream. I was amazed at the name itself and had to have it as soon as I read it in the menu card.
(Well may be you all know of it already - kindly adjust with my little general knowledge)

I must tell you it was awsome. The spicy pepper and sweet icecream made a great left a very lovely taste in mouth.

Here and here are recipes I found on web. Am gonna try making it once. May be you all can give it a try too.
[Photo from I can Do that]


  1. Had heard of Chilli ice cream--same thing but with red chilli falkes.Peper ice cream is a first!

  2. wow !!! sounds interesting i am going to try my hands at that for sure :)

  3. I hadn't heard of it before, but if you can have chilli icecream than why not pepper1 Surely worth a try, if I get it somewhere. Making myself, don't know. I have to keep Rishab in mind. He won't be as happy. :D


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