Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nail Art

Sometime ago during NaBloPoMo i came across a post from Neha about her nail art hobby. And it immediately brought back memories from my college and early work days. I was totally in love with this art and would design a new pattern every week. I loved it. It brought back such beautiful memories. I remembered how i have also won the best nail design contest at that time :)

So after reading hers, i felt the urge to do it again. And yes, i gave it a try during my vacation last week. I have started it with absolutely simple design. I changed it to new design this time - again a simple one. But am happy with it. I look at my nails so many times and feel happy about it. (Small things like this matter so much in life and make your day with smiles non-stop - that's my renewed realisation) How taking out few minutes can bring about so much satisfaction in life !!

So here is my attempt from this week. I don't have the picture of first attempt from last week... :|

I know this is a simple design but I like it and I like the fact that so many people noticed it and also appreciated it ( Atleast i am believing those beautiful words of praise were genuine)

I will come back with new design next week. Till then have fun !!
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  1. aha great... Keep it up.
    and those cute little hands are yours, right?
    loved them...

  2. @Mampi : Thanks Thanks and Thanks. First for visiting my blog :) Second for the morale boost and third one for the nice words :)
    And yes - those are my very own tiny hands :)


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