Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blogathon - I am up for it :)

I was just reading around about bloggers participating in June month Marathon of blog posting.

Something in me triggered me to go for it and give it a try and i whole-heartedly said "Yes Yes Yes..i will do it Now Now Now"

I will appreciate your leaving comments to encourage me to keep going.

My first post for the day is already there. Read On!


  1. Ohh wow...you r doing it, how cool !

    May be some day i would like to take up, but now is not the time as right now i am struggling even with the regular posts...too much on the plate seems ! :)

    All the Best :)

  2. Thanks Lopa.
    I don't know what all and if i will manage to write every single day but i just decided to take the challenge.

    Keep visiting!

  3. Good luck :) I am participating, too and this month I intend to actually finish it (I've started it a few times)

  4. @Becky - Thanks Becky - for wishes and stopping by ! Welcome to my blog.
    All the Best to you too!


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