Monday, May 23, 2011

Morning - Post 18

I heard some sounds
Some music?
Was it twinkling
Or was it knocking

The sounds of rain drops
On the glass window
The notes were perfect
Rhythm so sweet

Rays of light
Trying to peep inside
Magic of the moment
Froze in time

Oh morning
Oh beautiful morning
Ring the bells
And move those curtains

Let life soak itself
In the symphony of that moment
Let soul wake up
To the beauty of life!

© 2011 Life Begins. Please DO NOT COPY. 


  1. Nice, u actually write very nice poetry!

  2. @thewhiterain : Thanks a lot Iya. :)

  3. I like that .. Let soul wake up
    To the beauty of life

    YES thats when we start ot live when the soul inside is happy and enjoying :)
    lovely poem to start the week with ... Thanks for sharing ...


  4. @Bikram : Thanks and Yes...and this is what i woke up to this morning anf words just came out. It was the beauty of the moment. And Soul feels awake :)

    Welcome to my blog!!

  5. Oh I loved this! Simply beautiful!

  6. woww!beautiful!

  7. @suburbanmumma : Thank you! :)


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