Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A step at a time - Post 7

This is our new mantra now - by our I mean me and another colleague.
We decided about it 2.5 weeks ago. And fianlly started following it too.

My office is on 7th floor and ofcourse we take elevators - always with few exceptions when there was some serious problem with them ( count that as 3-4 times in 6 yrs :) )
I have always wanted to do so but could never gather the strength enough to do so. I always had excuses ready - oh my bag is too heavy or i am wearing high heels, oh am too tired, oh my back is aching.... The list is never ending!

Finally, one day while i was going out to grab some lunch, my friend suggested we take the stairs to go down. I couldn't say no atleast for going down. So i smilingly accepted the idea, secretely wishing she does not come up with idea on the way back.

Going Down was easy-peasy .. Add girly gossip to that to make it fun. I unconsciously timed it. We took just 2 min. Hmmm... that was quick.

We went ahead. Did the shopping and walked back. I had little bit stuff only in a small bag. But she had done some extra shopping and was carrying a heavy bag. I was sure she would not be able to climb up the stairs. And to my delight ... She didnt (can u imagine me dancing?)

We took the elevator up. Had our lunch and some more gossip. In between she suggested going for one round up and down the stairs after lunch. I shrugged the idea like a useless idea and ignored it, moving on to more interesting topics.

But to my surprise she came right after I went back to my desk and signalled to join her as if we have been stairs-buddies forever. No she cant be serious. I just had lunch, my stomach is full and besides i have so much work to do. While i was lost in thinking she called me again. I still asked- "are you sure?"
"Yes yes.. Come now.."- came the oh-so-casual reply.

Using all my might and power i got up and joined her. Going down was OK .. 2 min maggi noodles task. But climbing up... OMG, why wasnt our office on 3rd floor or worst 4th floor. Why do they make high buildings. Till 3rd floor was smooth, another one upto 4th was some work. But one more was a drag. I almost had the urge to take a break and rest a while. 2 more floors seemed like HUGE. Then she suggested we stop on 6th floor and go to library there to pick some books. I rejoiced in the idea. Thank God one less floor. I quickly climbed 20 odd stairs to another floor. And then suddenly she changes her mind-"No, leave it, we will come for books later".


I silently climbed another floor and thanked God we didnt work on 10th floor.

I was slightly out of breath but it felt ok. 3 min dot.

Inspite of my lazy-bum stubborness it got done. In my heart, i felt happy.

It's been fun ever since!!


  1. Wow! That's so nice :) Exercise and fun with a friend :)

  2. 7floors up without using the elevator..wow!! Way to go!

    LOL @ 2 min maggi noodles task!

  3. it will be good for ur heart also

  4. @Swaram : Thanks! Ya so far it has been fun..lets see how long ;)

  5. @Deeps : Thanks. Ya my reaction was exactly the same - "7 floors OMG..who does that!!" Hehee...

    Somehow everytime i hear 2 min...i think of maggi noodles.

  6. @Jidhu : Well it was heart break to think about doing this...what good it will do to heart only time will tell :)

  7. Dear, this will give ur heart to pump more blood to ur vain

  8. @Jidhu - Yes Yes..i agree :) I was just kidding :) :)

  9. brilliant idea and great excercise

  10. @Monika : Yes - Thanks. Though I still go out of breath by the time i reach 5th floor. Hopefully will get better soon.

  11. 7 floors is not easy! Way to go!


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